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Preparing military personnel for the most in demand manufacturing jobs across America: Operation Next Job Placement

Military Job placement in Manufacturing Jobs

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Our country’s manufacturing companies need talent.

Separating military personnel develop critically important skills while they serve.

In Demand Careers


military personnel transitioning to civilian life each year

+ 1.96 Million

manufacturing workers needed by 2028

2.4 Million

potential open positions

These companies are among those that have hired Operation Next graduates.

Operation Next brings companies and talent together by preparing separating service members with the skills needed to thrive in an advanced manufacturing career

The Operation Next Journey


Take a self-assessment, earning credit for what you already know or can do.

select a major

Select a major that will prepare you for the most in-demand advanced manufacturing jobs.

complete training

Complete training at your own pace, combining online learning with hands-on training on real industry equipment.

become in-demand

Be prepared to earn nationally portable industry-recognized credentials.

get hired

Connect with hiring employers and start a civilian career in advanced manufacturing.

13,600 CNC job openings projected annually nationwide through 2028.

Comprehensive Training Paths


Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Machine Operation

CNC operators produce machined parts by programming, setting up and operating a computer numerical control (CNC) machine.

37,800 ITM job openings projected annually nationwide through 2028.

Comprehensive Training Paths


Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM)

Industrial Maintenance Technicians install, repair and maintain commercial or industrial machinery in buildings, a plant, or a manufacturing setting. These technicians ensure all machines function properly through troubleshooting and preventative maintenance service.

1,300 job openings projected annually nationwide through 2029.

Comprehensive Training Paths


Robotics Technician

Robotics Technicians build, install, test, or maintain robotic equipment or related automated production systems.

48,800 welding job openings projected annually nationwide through 2028.

Comprehensive Training Paths



Welders join metal together or fill and repair holes on metal constructions through the use of intense heat and gas. Welders work on all types of industrial, manufacturing, and construction applications; some even work underwater to repair oil rig foundations, ship hulls and other types of subaquatic structures.