Skillbridge-approved and
Department of Defense funded

Skillbridge-approved and
Department of Defense funded



NS Pensacola
Pensacola State College, is dedicated to supporting military and veteran students, as well as their family members. We recognize the unique experiences that come with serving in the armed forces. We are proud to partner with LIFT to provide advanced manufacturing training and certification to military personnel and their families in the State of Florida. Pensacola State College is located in northern Florida, less than 15 miles from Naval Air Station Pensacola.


Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve personnel from all services
Spouses and dependent children of active duty personnel from all services
Select retired Veterans from all services


Pensacola State College has partnered with Lift to provide Operation Next training for eligible service personnel in the State of Florida.


Pensacola State College, Pensacola, FL


Computerized Numerical Control Operator (CNC)


Hybrid Curriculum: Coursework is composed of a combination of online learning and in-person labs and practical exercises. The in-person labs and practical exercises are available to all participants in an open learning lab that will be available on weekdays, weekday evenings, and weekends (Lab hours will be provided during registration).

Program length varies based on the student’s availability to complete the in-person labs and practical exercises as well as completion of the online learning. Typically, the coursework can be completed within 3-6 months.

Operation Next is an official Department of Defense Skillbridge MOU. Active Duty personnel that meets the criteria for Skillbridge eligibility may apply for the Skillbridge program. (Skillbridge approval is at the discretion of the individual command, and is based on Optempo and Manning).


National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS)
Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA)


Eligible participants WILL NOT have any out of pocket expenses for the training program. Tuition and fees for this program are paid for through a Department of Defense grant.


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Pensacola State College
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Phone: (850) 484-1014

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