Operation Next
How It Works

You’re dependable. Disciplined. Loyal. Adaptable. Driven.

And now you’re getting ready for your next mission: a career in manufacturing.

As you take command of your future, Operation Next sets you on the fast track to in-demand Machining and Industrial Technology Maintenance careers. The hybrid virtual and lab-based program gives you credit for what you already know, delivers focused training on the additional technical skills you need, and provides you with nationally-portable credentials that prove to any employer you’re ready for the job.

Hybrid Virtual Learning and Lab-Based Training

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How It Works

Enroll in Operation Next Before You Transition

Participants can explore and enroll in Operation Next while they are still in the service, making the transition back into civilian life a little easier

Connect to Program Manager and Connect to Virtual Learning Platform

When you sign-up for Operation Next, you are connected to the Program Manager, who will support you through each step in the program from onboarding to learning to employment. You'll receive a login for the Virtual Learning platform, provided by Amatrol, where you will complete the majority of your learning whenever and wherever you choose. You will also choose a location at one of the partnering technical schools where you will complete necessary lab work.

Take Self Assessments to Determine Customized Learning Plan

A Self Assessment determines where you will start in the 46 Module Virtual Learning

Select Job Focus Area

You will also be prompted to select your desired area of focus: CNC Machining or Industrial Technology Maintenance.

Complete Self-Paced Online Learning

The Learning Begins: complete the online learning modules at your own pace. Continual Self Assessments will give credit for the competencies you already have through your military career, and determine a customized learning plan that allows you to skip over what you already know, focus on what you don't, and complete the learning in the shortest time possible.

Complete Applied, Real-World Lab Work

Interspersed throughout the online training, the platform will indicate when you will need to complete required lab work. You'll complete this work at a partner technical school, where you will have access to necessary equipment and an onsite instructor. This is where you'll test your skills in an applied, real-world setting.

Earn Industry Credentials.

When you've completed the training, your selected technical school provides the assessments for the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) credentials. Depending on your focus area, you'll earn up to three nationally-portable, industry-recognized credentials: NIMS-Certified CNC Operator, NIMS-Certified Mechanical Maintenance Technician, and NIMS-Certified Electrical Maintenance Technician.

Connect to Employers and In-Demand Jobs

Partnering employers offer participants mentorships and job-shadows throughout their training. Upon completion of the training and earning of their credentials, Operation Next pushes participants' resumes to 100s of employers.